Washburn High School     Hall of Fame


Gordie Sundin

Gordie Sundin was the first nine letter winner at Washburn excelling in football, basketball and baseball from 1952 to 1955. In a group of very talented athletes, Gordie stood out as the outstanding athlete.

At the age of 15, Gordie stood 6 foot 4 inches and weighed 200 lbs with the speed of a sprinter. In ninth grade at Ramsey Junior High School, Gordie set the school record for the 400 yard dash, a record that stood for well over 30 years.

In football, where he earned nine letters, Gordie was an exceptional runner and receiver. In his senior year, he scored 14 touchdowns on the team that won the Minneapolis City Conference Championship and was named to the All City Conference and All State teams. He received the City Conference ÒBack of the YearÕ Award and the ÒThom McCannÓ Trophy as the regionÕs most valuable player.

In basketball, where he also earned nine letters, Gordie was a ÔpowerÕ forward before the term as used. He was a skilled and aggressive rebounder as well as both an inside and outside scorer. The 1955 Washburn basketball team won the Minnesota state Basketball Championship and Gordie was named to the 1955 All State team.

Finally, in baseball, which was his first love, Gordie was an outstanding pitcher and a very good hitter and base runner as well. When not pitching, Gordie played left field or shortstop with equal agility. The 1955 Washburn baseball team won the Minnesota State Baseball Championships and Gordie was named to the 1955 All State team.

GordieÕs baseball skills were so exceptional that soon after graduation, he received a large bonus to sign and play baseball for the Baltimore Orioles.

Gordie married his high school sweetheart, Mary Ann Dorsey, Washburn Class of 1955, who was a member of the 1956 Olympic and World Figuring Skating teams. Together, they raised three daughters and have eight grandchildren.

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